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The Science of Movement

Stephen Price
Writer and expert1 year ago
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The ecosystem of Movementum products exists to support, inspire and enhance moving more freely and more often. The products have been developed using the highest quality essential oils and adaptogens using the science of movement to maximise preparation, performance, and recovery, both physically and physiologically.

What are Essential Oils and Adaptogens?

Essential oils are plant extracts meaning they are 100% natural. They're made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves or fruit) to capture the compounds thatproduce fragrance. It’s this scent as well as the properties of the oils that have been used for hundreds of years to promote both physical and mental well-being.

An adaptogen derives from herbs used in natural and holistic health that helps the body adapt to stress, stabilises physiologic processes within the body and promotes a state of homeostasis

Unique Formulations

Essential oils are also known to be able to boost the therapeutic actions of herbs (adaptogens) by being used with them as a complementary modality. By fusing both different types of natural raw materials we have created unique formulations to support all pillars of movement both in preparation and recovery

Product, Preparation, and Recovery

Personalising preparation and recovery is a major component of sustaining high levels of human performance. Advancements in health technologies means more people than ever can see how their lifestyle, food and physical activity choices interact and more over their ability to manage stress, sleep, and move.

The Movementum range can help manage different stressors of physical activity to promote the lifestyle benefits that moving more affords.

Below are 4 areas of preparation and recovery:

Cardiovascular – Movementum Pro Body Oils – Prime and Restore - are the perfect complement before or after long bouts of cardiovascular exercise. Whether it be increasing blood flow and activating neuromuscular system to future proof your body for accumulation of physical stress or simply preventing swelling, managing fatigue and restoring long lasting muscular wellbeing.

Mechanical – Movementum Pro Balm and Serum with their short-term powerful effects help increase mobility and release muscular tension while decreasing swelling and any inflammatory side effect during or after exercise or movement.

Metabolic – The flushing of metabolites in the muscle is hugely important to maintaining good physical function and recovery – by combining short and long-term use of Movementum oils with the balms/serums it’s possible to facilitate and support short term gains with long term muscular health.

Psychological – Mindset and performance focus is often an area overlooked when dealing with recovery. It’s a very important component in human performance and you’re creating an environment and routine that you associate with preparing to move and/or recover plays a huge role. The use of our Movementum space enhancement diffuser oil Motivate, exists for this very reason with its unique formulation to promote breath, aid respiration and manage energy all whilst enhancing the movement moment.

Stephen Price
Writer and expert
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